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As a psychic, I am a natural intuitive.  I have been doing readings for people , using the tarot for 20 years.  I have relied on my intuition since the age of 5.   I began developing it and marketing it at 23, before that with family when, at 17, I began to study the tarot.

In the course of my spiritual life, I have been given the names " - he who foresees; and "which according to the   authors / creators, is a Greek term for "the seeing one".  

I have a keen insight into the human psyche from years of observation as well as spiritual development; through which my intuition picks up on things many people, including therapists, miss.  I read from a more psychological viewpoint than per se a psychic one.   I have the ability to see the future as evident by the names given me above.  At times, I can connect with loved ones / guides who choose to come through, to connect with you.

Depending on the connection I have with the client, and their energy, depends on the depth of my readings.  I will admit, in an hour we can cover a much deeper base than with only a half hour.  It also lends time for question and answer. 


Readings can be general -- not seeing paths etc -- because you yourself havent made up your mind about direction.  Readings can be bang on because the energy has begun manifesting to enable me to read more clearly the path that lies ahead for you. 


One thing I openly admit I am horrible at -- time.  It is very hard to determine exact timing.  On occasion I can sense months, etc.  But to know exact months or days / years / I cannot always pinpoint them. 


With every client I give my all to.  I do my best to represent an honest and true seer.  I am not in the business of building my reputation on lying to people because they want to hear something that I do not see, or feel will happen, or is good for them. I try to give as clear and honest readings as possible. 


We are all on a journey.  Somedays my journey is clear, and I can read with amazing accuracy.  Other days, things are happening in my life which are slightly distracting or draining -- I am not scared to admit to you that Im having one of those days if you catch me on such a day.   I am a human being who has learned how to take note of knowledge that sits at the edge of consciousness and turn it into a loudspeaker / or movie screen to help you my clients.


That is who you meet with when you meet with Jason D Kilsch -- honest, average guy who just happens to tune into the information we so often miss in our busy and technologically filled lives.  :)